Libero Search New Items List of search items. en-us LIBERO, Pty Ltd. Fri, 09 Jun 2023 15:24:43 GMT 5 Grandpaand#39;s great escape / written by David Walliams ; illustrated by Tony Ross. Shelf: JF/WAL<br />Author: Walliams, David<br />Year: 2017<br /> How to be... the new person / by Anna Branford Shelf: JF/BRA<br />Author: Branford, Anna<br />Year: 2022<br /> The wishbreaker / by Tyler Whitesides. Shelf: JF/WHI<br />Author: Whitesides, Tyler<br />Year: 2019<br /> The wishmakers / by Tyler Whitesides. Shelf: JF/WHI<br />Author: Whitesides, Tyler<br />Year: 2018<br /> The big book of mysteries : uncover the truth about over 100 real-life mysteries / by Tom Adams andamp; Yas Imamura. Shelf: J001.94/ADA<br />Author: Adams, Tom<br />Year: 2022<br /> Australian house and garden. : January 2023 Shelf: P/HOU<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> The secret history of the Five Eyes : the untold story of the international spy network / by Richard Kerbaj. Shelf: 327.12/KER<br />Author: Kerbaj, Richard<br />Year: 2022<br /> Fly by night / [Graphic novel] by Tara Oand#39;Connor. Shelf: TG/OCO<br />Author: O'Connor, Tara<br />Year: 2021<br /> Deep : delve into hidden worlds / by Jess McGeachin. Shelf: J508/MCG<br />Author: McGeachin, Jess<br />Year: 2022<br /> The enchanter heir / by Cinda Williams Chima. Shelf: TF/CHI<br />Author: Chima, Cinda Williams<br />Year: 2014<br /> Dear Mothman / by Robin Gow. Shelf: JF/GOW<br />Author: Gow, Robin<br />Year: 2023<br /> Jude saves the world / by Ronnie Riley. Shelf: JF/RIL<br />Author: Riley, Ronnie<br />Year: 2023<br /> Skandar and the phantom rider / by AF. Steadman. Shelf: JF/STE<br />Author: Steadman, A. F.<br />Year: 2023<br /> Mars underground / by HM Waugh. Shelf: JF/WAU<br />Author: Waugh, H.M.<br />Year: 2023<br /> Hercules quickand#39;s big bag of tricks / by Ursula Dubosarsky. Shelf: JF/DUB<br />Author: Dubosarsky, Ursula<br />Year: 2023<br /> Charles the coronation fairy / by Daisy Meadows. Shelf: JF/MEA<br />Author: Meadows, Daisy<br />Year: 2023<br /> Niamh the invitation fairy / by Daisy Meadows. Shelf: JF/MEA<br />Author: Meadows, Daisy<br />Year: 2023<br /> Etta and the octopus / by Zana Fraillon. Shelf: JF/FRA<br />Author: Fraillon, Zana<br />Year: 2023<br /> Leeva at last / by Sara Pennypacker. Shelf: JF/PEN<br />Author: Pennypacker, Sara<br />Year: 2023<br /> Sara the party games fairy / by Daisy Meadows. Shelf: JF/MEA<br />Author: Meadows, Daisy<br />Year: 2023<br /> Liarand#39;s beach / by Katie Cotugno. Shelf: TF/COT<br />Author: Cotugno, Katie<br />Year: 2023<br /> Iand#39;ll stop the world / by Lauren Thoman. Shelf: TF/THO<br />Author: Thoman, Lauren<br />Year: 2023<br /> The burden of culture : how to dismantle the Aboriginal industry and give hope to its victims / by Gary Johns. Shelf: A323.1/JOH<br />Author: Johns, Gary<br />Year: 2022<br /> How they fought : indigenous tactics and weaponry of Australiaand#39;s frontier wars / by Ray Kerkhove. Shelf: A355.4/KER<br />Author: Kerkhove, Ray<br />Year: 2023<br /> How to be remembered / by Michael Thompson. Shelf: F/THO<br />Author: Thompson, Michael<br />Year: 2023<br /> Dark is the grave / by T.G Reid. Shelf: F/REI<br />Author: Reid, T. G.<br />Year: 2021<br /> Graveyard of lost children / by Katrina Monroe. Shelf: F/MON<br />Author: Monroe, Katrina<br />Year: 2023<br /> In the lives of puppets / by T.J Klune. Shelf: F/KLU<br />Author: Klune, T. J.<br />Year: 2023<br /> Beneath the stairs / by Jennifer Fawcett. Shelf: F/FAW<br />Author: Fawcett, Jennifer<br />Year: 2023<br /> The bite / by Z.W Taylor. Shelf: F/TAY<br />Author: Taylor, Z. W.<br />Year: 2023<br /> Time of our lives : celebrating older women / by Maggie Kirkman. Shelf: 305.262/KIR<br />Author: Kirkman, Maggie<br />Year: 2023<br /> Great goddesses : life lessons from myths and monsters / by Nikita Gill. Shelf: 398.21/GIL<br />Author: Gill, Nikita<br />Year: 2019<br /> Outlive : the science and art of longevity / by Peter Attia. Shelf: 612.68/ATT<br />Author: Attia, Peter<br />Year: 2023<br /> Australia on the brink : avoiding environmental ruin / by Ian Lowe. Shelf: 320/INT<br />Author: Lowe, Ian<br />Year: 2023<br /> It girl : July, 2023 Shelf: JP/ITG<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Caravan World : (636) June, 2023 Shelf: P/CAR<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Choice : June, 2023 Shelf: P/CHO<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Street machine : June, 2023 Shelf: P/STR<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Ships monthly : April, 2023 Shelf: P/SHI<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Better Homes and gardens: July 2023 Shelf: P/BET<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Money magazine. : June, 2023 Shelf: P/MON<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Graziher: June/July, 2023 Shelf: P/GRA<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Gardening Australia. : July, 2023 Shelf: PER/GAR<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Vogue Australia: June, 2023 Shelf: P/VOG<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Frankie. : July / August, 2023 Shelf: P/FRA<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Australian carers guide: Winter 2023 Shelf: P/CAR<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Breathe: Iss.39 June/July, 2023 Shelf: P/BRE<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Small farms: June 2023 Shelf: P/SMA<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Good Organic Gardening : Juny/August, 2023 Shelf: P/ORG<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Houses : Issue 152 June, 2023 Shelf: P/HOUS<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> The Bonny Hills Youth Centre andamp; Uniting Church: Key events and Visions, 1960-2015: marking the closure of site of Uniting Venues, Bonny Hills andamp; the transition of the Bonny Hills Congregation/ Richardson, Ian. Shelf: LS287.9399442/RIC<br />Author: <br />Year: 2015<br /> The lady chosen / by Stephanie Laurens. Shelf: F/LAU<br />Author: Laurens, Stephanie<br />Year: 2009<br /> A gentlemanand#39;s honour / by Stephanie Laurens. Shelf: F/LAU<br />Author: Laurens, Stephanie<br />Year: 2010<br /> A lady of his own / by Stephanie Laurens. Shelf: F/LAU<br />Author: Laurens, Stephanie<br />Year: 2010<br /> To distraction / by Stephanie Laurens. Shelf: F/LAU<br />Author: Laurens, Stephanie<br />Year: 2014<br /> Beyond seduction / by Stephanie Laurens. Shelf: F/LAU<br />Author: Laurens, Stephanie<br />Year: 2013<br /> The edge of desire / by Stephanie Laurens. Shelf: F/LAU<br />Author: Laurens, Stephanie<br />Year: 2014<br /> Mastered by love / by Stephanie Laurens. Shelf: F/LAU<br />Author: Laurens, Stephanie<br />Year: 2009<br /> Dead Simple / by Peter James. Shelf: F/JAME<br />Author: James, Peter<br />Year: 2004<br /> Looking good dead / by Peter James. Shelf: F/JAM<br />Author: James, Peter<br />Year: 2019<br /> Dead manand#39;s footsteps / by Peter James. Shelf: F/JAM<br />Author: James, Peter<br />Year: 2019<br /> Dead like you / by Peter James. Shelf: F/JAM<br />Author: James, Peter<br />Year: 2010<br /> All that I am / by Anna Funder. Shelf: F/FUND<br />Author: Funder, Anna<br />Year: 2011<br /> Dead manand#39;s time / by Peter James. Shelf: F/JAM<br />Author: James, Peter<br />Year: 2019<br /> You are dead / by Peter James. Shelf: F/JAME<br />Author: James, Peter<br />Year: 2015<br /> Love you dead / by Peter James. Shelf: F/JAM<br />Author: James, Peter<br />Year: 2016<br /> Need you dead / by Peter James. Shelf: F/JAME<br />Author: James, Peter<br />Year: 2017<br /> Dead at first sight / by Peter James. Shelf: F/JAM<br />Author: James, Peter<br />Year: 2019<br /> Find them dead / by Peter James. Shelf: F/JAME<br />Author: James, Peter<br />Year: 2020<br /> Australiaand#39;s incredible insects / by Jess Thurman. Shelf: J595.7/THU<br />Author: Thurman, Jess<br />Year: 2022<br /> Dirt by sea / by Michael Wagner and Tom Jellett Shelf: JGRA/WAGN<br />Author: Wagner, Michael<br />Year: 2022<br /> A spoonful of frogs / by Casey Lyall. Shelf: E/LYA<br />Author: Lyall, Casey<br />Year: 2022<br /> Farmhouse / by Sophie Blackall Shelf: E/BLA<br />Author: Blackall, Sophie<br />Year: 2022<br /> Mabeland#39;s topsy-turvy homes / by Candy Wellins. Shelf: E/WEL<br />Author: Wellins, Candy<br />Year: 2022<br /> Fiona, love at the zoo / by Richard Cowdrey. Shelf: E/COW<br />Author: Cowdrey, Richard<br />Year: 2022<br /> Exiles / by Jane Harper Shelf: L/HAR<br />Author: Harper, Jane<br />Year: 2023<br /> Code name Sapphire / by Pam Jenoff Shelf: L/JEN<br />Author: Jenoff, Pam<br />Year: 2023<br /> The kind worth saving / by Peter Swanson. Shelf: F/SWA<br />Author: Swanson, Peter<br />Year: 2023<br /> Eyes of the void / by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Shelf: F/TCH<br />Author: Tchaikovsky, Adrian<br />Year: 2022<br /> You can do it, Yasmin! / by Saadia Faruqi. Shelf: EF/FAR<br />Author: Faruqi, Saadia<br />Year: 2020<br /> The first ghosts : most ancient of legacies / by Irving Finkel. Shelf: 133.109/FIN<br />Author: Finkel, Irving L.<br />Year: 2022<br /> In an artistand#39;s garden : a seek-and-find book / by Claire Orrell Shelf: E/ORR<br />Author: Orrell, Claire<br />Year: 2022<br /> What a day : a mindful moment for bedtime / Emma Ballantine. Shelf: E/BAL<br />Author: Ballantine, Emma<br />Year: 2023<br /> Jackand#39;s best day ever / by Gabrielle Bassett. Shelf: E/BAS<br />Author: Bassett, Gabrielle<br />Year: 2023<br /> Our dreaming / by Kirli Saunders. Shelf: E/SAU<br />Author: Saunders, Kirli<br />Year: 2022<br /> Against all odds : a true story of ultimate courage and survival in world war II / by Alex Kershaw. Shelf: 940.5481/KER<br />Author: Kershaw, Alex<br />Year: 2023<br /> The complete guide to memory : the science of strengthening your mind / by Richard Restak. Shelf: 153.12/RES<br />Author: Restak, Richard<br />Year: 2022<br /> Puppy luck / by Cam Higgins. Shelf: EF/HIG<br />Author: Higgins, Cam<br />Year: 2022<br /> Mouse tells the truth / by Ella Law. Shelf: E/LAW<br />Author: Law, Ella<br />Year: 2023<br /> My little barlaagany: Sunshine / by Melissa Greenwood. Shelf: E/GRE<br />Author: Greenwood, Melissa<br />Year: 2023<br /> Desert jungle / by Jeannie Baker Shelf: E/BAK<br />Author: Baker, Jeannie<br />Year: 2023<br /> Colour makes the world go round / Christopher Nielsen. Shelf: E/NIE<br />Author: Nielsen, Christopher<br />Year: 2023<br /> Blueberry farm / Stephen Michael King. Shelf: E/KIN<br />Author: King, Stephen Michael<br />Year: 2023<br /> The one where Bert learns to ride a bike / Chris Naylor-Ballesteros. Shelf: E/NAY<br />Author: Naylor-Ballesteros, Chris<br />Year: 2023<br /> Rabbit says sorry / by Ella Law. Shelf: E/LAW<br />Author: Law, Ella<br />Year: 2023<br /> My first book of dinosaurs / by Zoë Ingram. Shelf: E/ING<br />Author: Ingram, Zoë<br />Year: 2023<br /> My bollywood dream / by Avani Dwivedi. Shelf: E/DWI<br />Author: Dwivedi, Avani<br />Year: 2023<br /> Catand#39;s very good day / by Kristen Tracy. Shelf: E/TRA<br />Author: Tracy, Kristen<br />Year: 2023<br /> All you need is mud / by Cam Higgins. Shelf: EF/HIG<br />Author: Higgins, Cam<br />Year: 2023<br /> Law : the way of the ancestors / by Marcia Langton andamp; Aaron Corn. Shelf: A342.94/LAN<br />Author: Langton, Marcia<br />Year: 2023<br /> Bang Bang Bodhisattva / by Aubrey Wood Shelf: F/WOOD<br />Author: Wood, Aubrey<br />Year: 2023<br /> Purple Threads / by Jeanine Leane. Shelf: F/LEAN<br />Author: Leane, Jeanine<br />Year: 2023<br /> Unbranded / by Herb Wharton. Shelf: F/WHAR<br />Author: Wharton, Herb<br />Year: 2023<br /> Salvage This World / by Michael Farris Smith Shelf: F/SMIT<br />Author: Smith, Michael Farris<br />Year: 2023<br /> The Window Seat / by Archie Weller. Shelf: F/WELL<br />Author: Weller, Archie<br />Year: 2023<br /> The deceit / by Sara Foster. Shelf: F/FOS<br />Author: Foster, Sara<br />Year: 2023<br /> Motherland / by Stephanie Trethewey. Shelf: 305.42/TRE<br />Author: Trethewey, Stephanie<br />Year: 2023<br /> Ghosts of the orphanage : a story of murder, a conspiracy of silence and a search for justice / by Christine Kenneally. Shelf: 362.732/KEN<br />Author: Kenneally, Christine<br />Year: 2023<br /> John Farnham : the untold story / by Jane Gazzo. Shelf: B/FARN<br />Author: Gazzo, Jane<br />Year: 2022<br /> The shortest history of the crown / by Stephen Bates. Shelf: 941/BAT<br />Author: Bates, Stephen<br />Year: 2023<br /> Target and destroy / by Tom Marcus. Shelf: F/MARC<br />Author: Marcus, Tom<br />Year: 2023<br /> The Four Million / subtitle / by O. Henry Shelf: F/HENR<br />Author: Henry, O.<br />Year: 2020<br /> The trimmed lamp / by O. Henry Shelf: F/HENR<br />Author: Henry, O.<br />Year: 2020<br /> The only survivors / by Megan Miranda. Shelf: F/MIRA<br />Author: Miranda, Megan<br />Year: 2023<br /> Dinners the healthy mix / Shelf: 641.5892/RID<br />Author: Riddle, Nikalene<br />Year: 2023<br /> Ella and Star / by Michelle Wanasundera. Shelf: E/WAN<br />Author: Wanasundera, Michelle<br />Year: 2023<br /> The bear who had nothing to wear / by Jeannne Willis. Shelf: E/WIL<br />Author: Willis, Jeanne<br />Year: 2023<br /> Harrietand#39;s hungry worms / by Samantha Smith. Shelf: E/SMI<br />Author: Smith, Samantha<br />Year: 2023<br /> The cubby house kitchen / by Amy Medley. Shelf: E/MED<br />Author: Medley, Amy<br />Year: 2023<br /> Birdie lights up the world / by Alison McLennan. Shelf: E/MCL<br />Author: McLennan, Alison<br />Year: 2023<br /> What Iand#39;d rather not think about / by Jente Posthuma ; translated by Sarah Timmer Harvey. Shelf: F/POS<br />Author: Posthuma, Jente<br />Year: 2023<br /> The midnight news / by Jo Baker. Shelf: F/BAK<br />Author: Baker, Jo<br />Year: 2023<br /> On the ravine / by Vincent Lam. Shelf: F/LAM<br />Author: Lam, Vincent<br />Year: 2023<br /> The Strong Dress / by Meg Vertigan. Shelf: F/VER<br />Author: Vertigan, Meg<br />Year: 2023<br /> Children of tomorrow / by J. R. Burgmann. Shelf: F/BUR<br />Author: Burgmann, J. R.<br />Year: 2023<br /> The woman who knew too little / by Olivia Wearne. Shelf: F/WEA<br />Author: Wearne, Olivia<br />Year: 2023<br /> Secretly yours / by Tessa Bailey. Shelf: F/BAI<br />Author: Bailey, Tessa<br />Year: 2023<br /> The Valkyrie / by Kate Heartfield. Shelf: F/HEA<br />Author: Heartfield, Kate<br />Year: 2023<br /> This bird has flown / by Susanna Hoffs. Shelf: F/HOF<br />Author: Hoffs, Susanna<br />Year: 2023<br /> A house with good bones / by T. Kingfisher. Shelf: F/KIN<br />Author: Kingfisher, T.<br />Year: 2023<br /> Night angel nemesis / by Brent Weeks. Shelf: F/WEE<br />Author: Weeks, Brent<br />Year: 2023<br /> The hollow kind / by Andy Davidson. Shelf: F/DAV<br />Author: Davidson, Andy<br />Year: 2023<br /> Witch king / by Martha Wells. Shelf: F/WEL<br />Author: Wells, Martha<br />Year: 2023<br /> Sweet heart / by Peter James. Shelf: F/JAM<br />Author: James, Peter<br />Year: 2018<br /> Every sky a grave / by Jay Posey. Shelf: F/POS<br />Author: Posey, Jay<br />Year: 2021<br /> The ghost theatre / by Mat Osman. Shelf: F/OSMA<br />Author: Osman, Mat<br />Year: 2023<br /> The night travelers / Armando Lucas Correa ; translated by Nick Caistor and Faye Williams Shelf: F/CORR<br />Author: Correa, Armando Lucas<br />Year: 2023<br /> What lies in the woods / by Kate Alice Marshall Shelf: F/MARS<br />Author: Marshall, Kate Alice<br />Year: 2023<br /> Dispatch from Berlin, 1943 : the story of five journalists who risked everything / by Anthony Cooper. Shelf: 940.53/COO<br />Author: Cooper, Anthony James<br />Year: 2023<br /> The way of shadows / by Brent Weeks. Shelf: F/WEE<br />Author: Weeks, Brent<br />Year: 2023<br /> Beyond the shadows / by Brent Weeks. Shelf: F/WEE<br />Author: Weeks, Brent<br />Year: 2023<br /> Mothered / by Zoje Stage. Shelf: F/STA<br />Author: Stage, Zoje<br />Year: 2023<br /> Black tide / by KC Jones. Shelf: F/JON<br />Author: Jones, K. C.<br />Year: 2022<br /> Ascension / by Nicholas Binge. Shelf: F/BIN<br />Author: Binge, Nicholas<br />Year: 2023<br /> Infinity gate / by M. R. Carey. Shelf: F/CAR<br />Author: Carey, M. R.<br />Year: 2023<br /> The curator / by Owen King. Shelf: F/KIN<br />Author: King, Owen<br />Year: 2023<br /> Waterloo sunrise : London from the sixties to Thatcher / by John Davis. Shelf: 942.1/DAV<br />Author: Davis, John<br />Year: 2022<br /> How to age against the machine : an empowering guide for women ageing on their own terms / by Melissa Doyle and Naima Brown. Shelf: 613.0424/DOY<br />Author: Doyle, Melissa<br />Year: 2023<br /> The view from the wrong side of the day : a story about nursing, PTSD and other shenanigans / by T.C. Randall (pseudonym). Shelf: B/RAND<br />Author: Randall, T. C.<br />Year: 2020<br /> Emboldened / by Belinda Alexandra. Shelf: B/ALEX<br />Author: Alexandra, Belinda<br />Year: 2023<br /> Nuts and bolts : seven small inventions that changed the world (in a big way) / by Roma Agrawal. Shelf: 609/AGR<br />Author: Agrawal, Roma<br />Year: 2023<br /> Dancing is the best medicine : the science of how moving to a beat is good for body, brain, and soul / by Julia F. Christensen and Dong-Seon Chang. Shelf: 615.8515/CHR<br />Author: Christensen, Julia F.<br />Year: 2021<br /> World War Two andamp; the Hastings 1939-1945: service details of the men and women listed on the Port Macquarie War Memorial/ Shelf: 940.5409442/WOR<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> A Pointless history of the world / by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman. Shelf: 791.4572/ARM<br />Author: Armstrong, Alexander<br />Year: 2016<br /> Staring at lakes : a memoir of love, melancholy and magical thinking / by Michael Harding. Shelf: B/HAR<br />Author: Harding, Michael<br />Year: 2014<br /> Land#39;art de la simplicite : how to live more with less / by Dominique Loreau ; [translated by Louise Rogers Lalaurie]. Shelf: 640/LOR<br />Author: Loreau, Dominique<br />Year: 2016<br /> Writers forum (Donated Magazine) Shelf: P/WRI<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> Good reading: Donated magazine Shelf: P/GOOD<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> The Book Curator : Donated magazine Shelf: P/BOO<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> Solito : a memoir / by Javier Zamora. Shelf: B/ZAM<br />Author: Zamora, Javier<br />Year: 2022<br /> Camilla : from outcast to Queen Consort / by Angela Levin. Shelf: B/LEVI<br />Author: Levin, Angela<br />Year: 2022<br /> Abyss : the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 / by Max Hastings. Shelf: 972.91/HAS<br />Author: Hastings, Max<br />Year: 2022<br /> Afloat : June, 2023, No. 398 Shelf: P/AFL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Time : June12th, 2023 Shelf: P/TIM<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> Morning glory. Shelf: DVD/MOR<br />Author: <br />Year: 2011<br /> Aussie midwives : True stories of Australian midwives / by Fiona McArthur. Shelf: 618.2/MCA<br />Author: McArthur, Fiona<br />Year: 2023<br /> Only one lie / by Audrey J. Cole. Shelf: F/COLE<br />Author: Cole, Audrey J<br />Year: 2022<br /> A winter grave / by Peter May. Shelf: F/MAY<br />Author: May, Peter<br />Year: 2023<br /> A reason to kill / by Scott Blade. Shelf: F/BLAD<br />Author: Blade, Scott<br />Year: 2016<br /> Crying in H Mart : a memoir / by Michelle Zauner. Shelf: B/ZAU<br />Author: Zauner, Michelle<br />Year: 2022<br /> Son of Sin / by Omar Sakr Shelf: F/SAKR<br />Author: Sakr, Omar<br />Year: 2022<br /> Death and the conjuror / by Tom Mead. Shelf: F/MEAD<br />Author: Mead, Tom<br />Year: 2022<br /> Western Europe / 15th ed. by Catherine Le Nevez [et al]. Shelf: 914/WES<br />Author: Le Nevez, Catherine<br />Year: 2022<br /> Superhuman army / by Anh Do Shelf: JF/DO<br />Author: Do, Anh<br />Year: 2023<br /> Tracks :Iss.590 May, 2023: Tracks the surfersand#39; bible Shelf: P/TRA<br />Author: <br />Year: 2023<br /> The pumpkin eater / by Penelope Mortimer. Shelf: F/MORT<br />Author: Mortimer, Penelope<br />Year: 2015<br /> Her secret son / by Hannah Mary McKinnon. Shelf: F/MCKI<br />Author: McKinnon, Hannah Mary<br />Year: 2019<br /> Empire / by Conn Iggulden. Shelf: F/IGGU<br />Author: Iggulden, Conn<br />Year: 2023<br /> Cross down / by James Patterson and Brendan DuBois. Shelf: F/PATT<br />Author: Patterson, James<br />Year: 2023<br /> Ask no questions : (a migrantand#39;s tale) / by Eva Collins. Shelf: 821.9/COL<br />Author: Collins, Eva<br />Year: 2022<br /> Poverty, by America / by Matthew Desmond. Shelf: 362.5/DES<br />Author: Desmond, Matthew<br />Year: 2023<br /> Itand#39;s OK to be angry about capitalism / by Bernie Sanders with John Nichols. Shelf: 321.8/SAN<br />Author: Sanders, Bernard<br />Year: 2023<br /> Map of bones / by James Rollins. Shelf: F/ROLL<br />Author: Rollins, James<br />Year: 2011<br /> You could make this place beautiful : a memoir / by Maggie Smith. Shelf: B/SMIT<br />Author: Smith, Maggie<br />Year: 2023<br /> On the sweet side / by Audrey Carlan. Shelf: F/CARL<br />Author: Carlan, Audrey<br />Year: 2023<br /> Hot to the touch / by Jaci Burton. Shelf: F/BURT<br />Author: Burton, Jaci<br />Year: 2019<br /> All consuming / by Jaci Burton. Shelf: F/BURT<br />Author: Burton, Jaci<br />Year: 2021<br /> On target / by Mark Greaney. Shelf: F/GREA<br />Author: Greaney, Mark<br />Year: 2021<br /> Hang the moon / by Jeannette Walls. Shelf: F/WALL<br />Author: Walls, Jeannette<br />Year: 2023<br /> Sherlock Holmes andamp; the three winter terrors / by James Lovegrove. Shelf: F/LOVE<br />Author: Lovegrove, James<br />Year: 2022<br /> Sherlock Holmes andamp; the beast of the Stapletons / by James Lovegrove. Shelf: F/LOVE<br />Author: Lovegrove, James<br />Year: 2021<br /> Flow my tears, the policeman said / by Philip K. Dick. Shelf: F/DICK<br />Author: Dick, Philip K<br />Year: 2012<br /> Central Park West / by James Comey. Shelf: F/COME<br />Author: Comey, James<br />Year: 2023<br /> The spider / by Lars Kepler, translation by Alice Menzies Shelf: F/KEPL<br />Author: Kepler, Lars<br />Year: 2023<br /> Man-made : how the bias of the past is being built into the future / by Tracey Spicer. Shelf: 006.3/SPI<br />Author: Spicer, Tracey<br />Year: 2023<br /> Myth America : historians take on the biggest legends and lies about our past / edited by Kevin M. Kruse and Julian E. Zelizer. Shelf: 973/MYT<br />Author: <br />Year: 2022<br /> A class reunited / by Susie Murphy. Shelf: F/MURP<br />Author: Murphy, Susie<br />Year: 2022<br /> Every man a king / by Walter Mosley. Shelf: F/MOSL<br />Author: Mosley, Walter<br />Year: 2023<br /> Dim sum of all fears / by Vivien Chien. Shelf: F/CHIE<br />Author: Chien, Vivien<br />Year: 2018<br /> A class entwined / by Susie Murphy. Shelf: F/MURP<br />Author: Murphy, Susie<br />Year: 2019<br /> A class apart / by Susie Murphy Shelf: F/MURP<br />Author: Murphy, Susie<br />Year: 2018<br /> A class coveted / by Susie Murphy. Shelf: F/MURP<br />Author: Murphy, Susie<br />Year: 2021<br /> A class forsaken / by Susie Murphy. Shelf: F/MURP<br />Author: Murphy, Susie<br />Year: 2020<br /> Jack Four / by Neal Asher. Shelf: F/ASHE<br />Author: Asher, Neal<br />Year: 2022<br /> Taxtopia : how I discovered the injustices, scams and guilty secrets of the tax-evasion game / The Rebel Accountant. 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