Libero Search New Items List of search items. en-us LIBERO, Pty Ltd. Wed, 23 Jun 2021 16:10:49 GMT 5 Found / by Bruce Pascoe Shelf: E/PAS<br />Author: Pascoe, Bruce<br />Year: 2020<br /> Sunflower sisters / by Martha Hall Kelly. Shelf: F/KEL<br />Author: Kelly, Martha Hall<br />Year: 2021<br /> Second first impressions / by Sally Thorne. Shelf: F/THO<br />Author: Thorne, Sally<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Emporium of Imagination / by Tabitha Bird. Shelf: F/BIRD<br />Author: Bird, Tabitha<br />Year: 2021<br /> The cancer ladiesand#39; running club / by Josie Lloyd. Shelf: F/LLOY<br />Author: Lloyd, Josie<br />Year: 2021<br /> The tulip tree : a novel / by Suzanne McCourt. Shelf: F/MCCO<br />Author: McCourt, Suzanne<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Paris dressmaker / by Kristy Cambron. Shelf: F/CAMB<br />Author: Cambron, Kristy<br />Year: 2021<br /> Lonely castle in the mirror / by Mizuki Tsujimura ; translated from the Japanese by Philip Gabriel. Shelf: F/TSUJ<br />Author: Tsujimura, Mizuki<br />Year: 2021<br /> Island Reich / by Jack Grimwood. Shelf: F/GRIM<br />Author: Grimwood, Jack<br />Year: 2021<br /> Double blind / by Edward St Aubyn. Shelf: F/STAU<br />Author: St. Aubyn, Edward<br />Year: 2021<br /> Beautiful fall / by Hugh Breakey. Shelf: F/BREA<br />Author: Breakey, Hugh<br />Year: 2021<br /> New scientist. : June 19th, 2021 Shelf: P/NEW<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Mojo. May, 2021 Shelf: P/MOJ<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Still life / Sarah Winman. Shelf: F/WINM<br />Author: Winman, Sarah<br />Year: 2021<br /> Run like a rabbit / by Alison Lester Shelf: E/LES<br />Author: Lester, Alison<br />Year: 2012<br /> One clucky hen / by Alison Lester Shelf: E/LES<br />Author: Lester, Alison<br />Year: 2013<br /> Judas horse / by Lynda La Plante. Shelf: F/LAPL<br />Author: La Plante, Lynda<br />Year: 2021<br /> On getting off : sex and philosophy / by Damon Young. Shelf: 306.701/YOU<br />Author: Young, Damon<br />Year: 2020<br /> One pot, pan, planet : a greener way to cook for you, your family and the planet / Anna Jones ; photography Issy Croker. Shelf: 641.5636/JON<br />Author: Jones, Anna<br />Year: 2021<br /> Assassinand#39;s price / by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. Shelf: F/MODE<br />Author: Modesitt, L. E., Jr<br />Year: 2018<br /> Wild justice / by Kelley Armstrong. Shelf: F/KELL<br />Author: Armstrong, Kelley<br />Year: 2013<br /> Tom Clancyand#39;s Target acquired / by Don Bentley. Shelf: F/CLAN<br />Author: Bentley, Don<br />Year: 2021<br /> Black summer : stories of loss, courage and community by ABC journalists on the ground during the 2019-2020 bushfires / edited by Michael Rowland. Shelf: 363.379/BLA<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Lapsed / by Monica Dux. Shelf: B/DUX<br />Author: Dux, Monica<br />Year: 2021<br /> Corruption in high places : the key witness in the Justice Murphy scandal gives his side of the story / by Clarrie Briese ; foreword by Angela Karpin. Shelf: 347.014/BRI<br />Author: Briese, Clarrie<br />Year: 2021<br /> The killing kind / by Jane Casey. Shelf: F/CASE<br />Author: Casey, Jane<br />Year: 2021<br /> Out of Eden / by Cheryl Adam. Shelf: F/ADAM<br />Author: Adam, Cheryl Maureen<br />Year: 2021<br /> Animal instinct / by David Rosenfelt. Shelf: F/ROSE<br />Author: Rosenfelt, David<br />Year: 2021<br /> China / by Edward Rutherfurd. Shelf: F/RUTH<br />Author: Rutherfurd, Edward<br />Year: 2021<br /> House of Christmas secrets / by Lynda Stacey. Shelf: F/STAC<br />Author: Stacey, Lynda<br />Year: 2018<br /> The girl who died / by Ragnar Jonasson. Shelf: F/JONA<br />Author: Ragnar JoĢnasson<br />Year: 2021<br /> Project Hail Mary / by Andy Weir. Shelf: F/WEIR<br />Author: Weir, Andy<br />Year: 2021<br /> Marion Lane and the midnight murder / by T.A. Willberg. Shelf: F/WILL<br />Author: Willberg, T. A.<br />Year: 2021<br /> Dreamland / by Rosa Rankin-Gee. Shelf: F/RANK<br />Author: Rankin-Gee, Rosa<br />Year: 2021<br /> Kololo Hill / by Neema Shah. Shelf: F/SHAH<br />Author: Shah, Neema<br />Year: 2021<br /> Unsettled ground / by Claire Fuller. Shelf: F/FULL<br />Author: Fuller, Claire<br />Year: 2021<br /> The whispers / by Heidi Perks Shelf: F/PER<br />Author: Perks, Heidi<br />Year: 2021<br /> Temporary / by Hilary Leichter. Shelf: F/LEIC<br />Author: Leichter, Hilary<br />Year: 2021<br /> The girl remains / by Katherine Firkin Shelf: F/FIR<br />Author: Firkin, Katherine<br />Year: 2021<br /> Modern quilting : a contemporary guide to quilting by hand / by Julius Arthur. Shelf: 746.46/ART<br />Author: Arthur, Julius<br />Year: 2021<br /> Pie maker andamp; co : top-rated recipes for your favourite kitchen gadgets. Shelf: 641.589/PIE<br />Author:<br />Year: 2021<br /> Rapport : the four ways to read people / by Emily and Laurence Alison. Shelf: 158.2/ALI<br />Author: Alison, Emily<br />Year: 2020<br /> The work I did : a memoir of the secretary to Goebbels / by Brunhilde Pomsel, Thore D. Hansen ; translated by Shaun Whiteside. Shelf: 943.086/POM<br />Author: Pomsel, Brunhilde<br />Year: 2018<br /> From crime to crime : Harold Shipman to operation midland : The inside story of 17 cases that shocked the world / by Richard Henriques. Shelf: 347.42/HEN<br />Author: Henriques, Richard<br />Year: 2021<br /> Fisk Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 302021<br /> New philosopher: Iss.30 Nov. - Jan. 2021 Shelf: P/PHI<br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> Evo Australia: July, 2021 Shelf: P/EVO<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Street machine : July, 2021 Shelf: P/STR<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Good Organic Gardening :July/August, 2021 Shelf: P/ORG<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Australian Homespun: June / July 2021 Shelf: P/HOM<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Diabetic Living : July/August, 2021 Shelf: P/DIA<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Marie Claire. : July, 2021 Shelf: P/MAR<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Rushing womanand#39;s syndrome : the impact of never ending to-do list on your health / by Libby Weaver. Shelf: 155.9042/WEA<br />Author: Weaver, Libby<br />Year: 2011<br /> The Paris library / by Janet Skeslien Charles. Shelf: F/SKES<br />Author: Skeslien Charles, Janet<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Warsaw orphan / by Kelly Rimmer. Shelf: F/RIM<br />Author: Rimmer, Kelly<br />Year: 2021<br /> On the road / by Jack Kerouac. Shelf: F/KERO<br />Author: Kerouac, Jack<br />Year: 2016<br /> You had it coming / by B. M. Carroll. Shelf: F/CARR<br />Author: Carroll, Ber<br />Year: 2021<br /> People we meet on vacation / by Emily Henry. Shelf: F/HENR<br />Author: Henry, Emily<br />Year: 2021<br /> The reincarnationist papers / by D. Erik Maikranz. Shelf: F/MAIK<br />Author: Maikranz, D. Eric<br />Year: 2021<br /> Interior Chinatown / by Charles Yu. Shelf: F/YU<br />Author: Yu, Charles<br />Year: 2020<br /> From divergent suns / by Sam Peters. Shelf: F/PETE<br />Author: Peters, Sam<br />Year: 2019<br /> Exquisite / by Sarah Stovell. Shelf: F/STOV<br />Author: Stovell, Sarah<br />Year: 2017<br /> As swallows fly : a novel / by L.P. McMahon. Shelf: F/MCMA<br />Author: McMahon, L. P.<br />Year: 2021<br /> Pitch perfect 3 / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2018<br /> Fear of rain / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Honour / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> All my life / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Wild mountain thyme / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Bastard behind the lines : the extraordinary story of Jock McLarenand#39;s escape from Sandakan and his guerrilla war against the Japanese / Tom Gilling ; read by David Tredinnick. Shelf: MP3 940.5472/GIL<br />Author: Gilling, Tom<br />Year: 2021<br /> Call of the raven / Wilbur Smith with Corban Addison ; read by Elliot Chapman. Shelf: MP3/SMIT<br />Author: Smith, Wilbur A.<br />Year: 2021<br /> The puma years : a memoir of love and transformation in the Bolivian jungle / [written and read by] Laura Coleman Shelf: HCDB/COLE<br />Author: Coleman, Laura<br />Year: 2021<br /> Family reunion / Nancy Thayer ; read by Tanya Eby and Whitney Dykhouse. Shelf: HCD/THAY<br />Author: Thayer, Nancy<br />Year: 2021<br /> The inside man / James Phelps ; read by James Saunders. Shelf: MP3/PHEL<br />Author: Phelps, James<br />Year: 2021<br /> The mystery of Mrs. Christie / Marie Benedict ; read by Nicola Barber. Shelf: HCD/BENE<br />Author: Benedict, Marie<br />Year: 2021<br /> Canand#39;t say it went to plan / Gabrielle Tozer ; read by Cecelia Ramsdale. Shelf: THCD/TOZ<br />Author: Tozer, Gabrielle<br />Year: 2021<br /> The girl she wanted / K. L. Slater ; read by Kristin Atherton. Shelf: HCD/SLAT<br />Author: Slater, K. L.<br />Year: 2021<br /> The witchand#39;s daughter / Paula Brackston ; read by Marisa Calin. Shelf: MP3/BRAC<br />Author: Brackston, Paula<br />Year: 2021<br /> One hundred days / Alice Pung ; read by Sun Park. Shelf: HCD/PUNG<br />Author: Pung, Alice<br />Year: 2021<br /> Eliza Vandaand#39;s button box / Emily Rodda ; read by Wendy Bos. Shelf: JHCD/ROD<br />Author: Rodda, Emily<br />Year: 2021<br /> Two women in Rome / Elizabeth Buchan ; read by Lucy Tregear. Shelf: HCD/BUCH<br />Author: Buchan, Elizabeth<br />Year: 2021<br /> A gentleman in Moscow / Amor Towles ; read by Nicholas Guy Smith. Shelf: HCD/TOWL<br />Author: Towles, Amor<br />Year: 2019<br /> In sight of Yellow Mountain : a year in the Irish countryside / [written and] read by Philip Judge. Shelf: HCDB/JUDG<br />Author: Judge, Philip<br />Year: 2021<br /> When I was ten / Fiona Cummins ; read by Olivia Dowd. Shelf: HCD/CUMM<br />Author: Cummins, Fiona<br />Year: 2021<br /> A splendid ruin / Megan Chance ; read by Carly Robins. Shelf: MP3/CHAN<br />Author: Chance, Megan<br />Year: 2021<br /> Someone elseand#39;s baby / Ruby Speechley ; read by Catrin Walker-Booth. Shelf: HCD/SPEE<br />Author: Speechley, Ruby<br />Year: 2021<br /> How to live with intention : 150+ simple ways to live each day with meaning andamp; purpose / by Meera Lester. Shelf: 128.2/LES<br />Author: Lester, Meera<br />Year: 2018<br /> Career to calling : how to make the switch / by Annie Stewart. Shelf: 650.14/STE<br />Author: Stewart, Annie<br />Year: 2019<br /> The power of awakening : mindfulness practices and spiritual tools to transform your life / by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Shelf: 204.4/DYE<br />Author: Dyer, Wayne W.<br />Year: 2020<br /> Find your light : how to heal your shadow and your life / Belinda Davidson. Shelf: 613.7046/DAV<br />Author: Davidson, Belinda<br />Year: 2020<br /> My friend fear : finding magic in the unknown / by Meera Lee Patel. Shelf: 152.46/PAT<br />Author: Patel, Meera Lee<br />Year: 2018<br /> The Australian Womenand#39;s Weekly : July, 2021 Shelf: PER/AUS<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Delicious. : July, 2021 Shelf: PER/DEL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Australian House and Garden. : July, 2021 Shelf: PER/AUS<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Australian motorcycle news : 10-23 June 2021 Shelf: PER/AUS<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> El Cid. Shelf: DVD/ELC<br />Author: <br />Year: 2018<br /> Rebel sisters / by Tochi Onyebuchi. Shelf: TF/ONY<br />Author: Onyebuchi, Tochi<br />Year: 2020<br /> In Love with the world : what a monk can teach you about living from nearly dying / by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Shelf: 294.392/RIN<br />Author: Rinpoche, Yongey Mingyur<br />Year: 2021<br /> When Paris went dark : the City of Light under German occupation, 1940-44 / by Ronald Rosbottom. Shelf: 944.361/ROS<br />Author: Rosbottom, Ronald C.<br />Year: 2015<br /> Sister of the Bollywood bride / by Nandini Bajpai. Shelf: TF/BAJ<br />Author: Bajpai, Nandini<br />Year: 2021<br /> Perfect on paper / by Sophie Gonzales. Shelf: TF/GON<br />Author: Gonzales, Sophie<br />Year: 2021<br /> The prison healer / by Lynette Noni Shelf: TF/NON<br />Author: Noni, Lynette<br />Year: 2021<br /> Miloand#39;s little secret / by Rebecca Ralfe Shelf: E/RAL<br />Author: Ralfe, Rebecca<br />Year: 2021<br /> Thanks a ton! / by Sabrina Moyle Shelf: E/MOY<br />Author: Moyle, Sabrina<br />Year: 2020<br /> Once we were witches / by Sarah Driver Shelf: JF/DRI<br />Author: Driver, Sarah<br />Year: 2021<br /> The best mum / by Penny Harrison Shelf: E/HAR<br />Author: Harrison, Penny<br />Year: 2021<br /> The vampires next door / by Sigi Cohen Shelf: E/COH<br />Author: Cohen, Sigi<br />Year: 2021<br /> The smartest kid in the universe / by Chris Grabenstein. Shelf: JF/GRA<br />Author: Grabenstein, Chris<br />Year: 2020<br /> Youand#39;re the best, Mum! / by Charles Fuge. Shelf: E/FUG<br />Author: Fuge, Charles<br />Year: 2021<br /> Canand#39;t Say it Went to Plan / by Gabrielle Tozer. Shelf: TF/TOZ<br />Author: Tozer, Gabrielle<br />Year: 2021<br /> Love is for losers / by Wibke Brueggemann. Shelf: TF/BRU<br />Author: Brueggemann, Wibke<br />Year: 2020<br /> Grumble boats / by Susannah McFarlane Shelf: E/MCF<br />Author: McFarlane, Susannah<br />Year: 2021<br /> Wombat / by Christopher Cheng Shelf: E/CHE<br />Author: Cheng, Christopher<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Exploding Life of Scarlett Fife / by Maz Evans Shelf: JF/EVA<br />Author: Evans, Maz<br />Year: 2021<br /> Vladand#39;s in love / by Rory H. Mather Shelf: E/MAT<br />Author: Mather, Rory H.<br />Year: 2021<br /> Upside down Friday / by Lana Spacevski Shelf: E/SPA<br />Author: Spasevski, Lana<br />Year: 2021<br /> A class full of lizards / by Alison Hart. Shelf: JF/HAR<br />Author: Hart, Alison<br />Year: 2021<br /> Dirt circus league / by Maree Kimberley. Shelf: TF/KIM<br />Author: Kimberley, Maree<br />Year: 2021<br /> Uma and the answer to absolutely everything / by Sam Copeland Shelf: JF/COP<br />Author: Copeland, Sam<br />Year: 2021<br /> Thunder down under / by Timothy Knapman Shelf: E/KNA<br />Author: Knapman, Timothy<br />Year: 2021<br /> The outlaws Scarlett andamp; Browne : being an a account of their daring exploits and audacious crimes / by Jonathan Stroud. Shelf: TF/STR<br />Author: Stroud, Jonathan<br />Year: 2021<br /> Bull. Season three. Shelf: DVD/BUL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Bull. Season four. Shelf: DVD/BUL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> The Paris affair / by Pip Drysdale. Shelf: F/DRY<br />Author: Drysdale, Pip<br />Year: 2021<br /> The bone code / by Kathy Reichs. Shelf: F/REIC<br />Author: Reichs, Kathy<br />Year: 2021<br /> Sisters of freedom / by Mary-Anne Oand#39;Connor. Shelf: F/OCO<br />Author: O'Connor, Mary-Anne<br />Year: 2021<br /> Sooley / by John Grisham. Shelf: F/GRIS<br />Author: Grisham, John<br />Year: 2021<br /> The truth about her / by Jacqueline Maley. Shelf: F/MALE<br />Author: Maley, Jacqueline<br />Year: 2021<br /> Chasing Cassandra / by Lisa Kleypas. Shelf: F/KLEY<br />Author: Kleypas, Lisa<br />Year: 2020<br /> Super geeks : Vol. 1, Fish and chips / [Graphic novel] by James Hart. Shelf: JGRA/HAR<br />Author: Hart, James<br />Year: 2021<br /> You need to know / by Nicola Moriarty. Shelf: F/MOR<br />Author: Moriarty, Nicola<br />Year: 2021<br /> Enter the jungle / by Anh Do Shelf: JF/DO<br />Author: Do, Anh<br />Year: 2021<br /> Murder by page one / Olivia Matthews ; read by Janina Edwards Shelf: HCD/MATT<br />Author: Matthews, Olivia<br />Year: 2021<br /> Nantucket white Christmas / Pamela Kelley ; read by Karissa Vacker. Shelf: HCD/KELL<br />Author: Kelley, Pamela M.<br />Year: 2020<br /> After Tex / Sherryl Woods ; read by Stina Nielsen. Shelf: MP3/WOOD<br />Author: Woods, Sherryl<br />Year: 2021<br /> A borrowed dream / Amanda Cabot ; read by Cecily White Shelf: HCD/CABO<br />Author: Cabot, Amanda<br />Year: 2021<br /> The deadly truth / Valerie Keogh ; read by Helen Duff. Shelf: MP3/KEOG<br />Author: Keogh, Valerie<br />Year: 2020<br /> Angel mine / Sherryl Woods ; read by Stina Nielsen. Shelf: MP3/WOOD<br />Author: Woods, Sherryl<br />Year: 2021<br /> A tender hope / Amanda Cabot ; read by Cecily White Shelf: HCD/CABO<br />Author: Cabot, Amanda<br />Year: 2021<br /> Yes andamp; I love you / Roni Loren ; read by Desiree Ketchum. Shelf: MP3/LORE<br />Author: Loren, Roni<br />Year: 2021<br /> A deadly chapter / Essie Lang ; read by Teri Reeves Shelf: HCD/LANG<br />Author: Lang, Essie<br />Year: 2021<br /> The curatorand#39;s daughter / Melanie Dobson ; narrated by Nancy Peterson Shelf: MP3/DOBS<br />Author: Dobson, Melanie<br />Year: 2021<br /> A stolen heart / Amanda Cabot ; narrated by Cecily White. Shelf: HCD/CABO<br />Author: Cabot, Amanda<br />Year: 2020<br /> Sinatra swings : 60 swinginand#39; classics to get a kick out of / Frank Sinatra Shelf: CD/SINA<br />Author: Sinatra, Frank<br />Year: 2021<br /> The United States vs. Billie Holiday : music from the motion picture / Shelf: CD/DAY<br />Author: Day, Andra<br />Year: 2021<br /> The long walk : the true story of a trek to freedom / by Slavomir Rawicz. Shelf: 940.547247/RAW<br />Author: Rawicz, Slavomir<br />Year: 2016<br /> Toxic : the rotting underbelly of the Tasmanian salmon industry / by Richard Flanagan. Shelf: 639.3756/FLA<br />Author: Flanagan, Richard<br />Year: 2021<br /> Before the crown / by Flora Harding. Shelf: F/HARD<br />Author: Harding, Flora<br />Year: 2020<br /> Komi canand#39;t communicate : Vol. 3 / [Graphic novel] by Tomohito Oda Shelf: TG/KOM<br />Author: Oda, Tomohito<br />Year: 2019<br /> Komi canand#39;t communicate : Vol. 1 / [Graphic novel] by Tomohito Oda Shelf: TG/KOM<br />Author: Oda, Tomohito<br />Year: 2019<br /> The girl who soared over Fairyland and cut the moon in two / by Catherynne M. Valente. Shelf: JF/VAL<br />Author: Valente, Catherynne M.<br />Year: 2014<br /> The promised neverland : Vol. 16, Lost boy / [Graphic novel] by Kaiu Shirai Shelf: TG/PRO<br />Author: Shirai, Kaiu<br />Year: 2020<br /> The promised Neverland : Vol. 15, Welcome to the entrance / [Graphic novel] by Kaiu Shirai Shelf: TG/PRO<br />Author: Shirai, Kaiu<br />Year: 2020<br /> The promised Neverland : Vol. 14, Encounter / [Graphic novel] by Kaiu Shirai Shelf: TG/PRO<br />Author: Shirai, Kaiu<br />Year: 2020<br /> Mick Fleetwood andamp; friends celebrate the music of Peter Green, and the early years of Fleetwood Mac / Shelf: CD/GREE<br />Author: Green, Peter<br />Year: 2021<br /> Drum roll please ... itand#39;s Stevie Louise / by Tanya Hennessy Shelf: JF/HEN<br />Author: Hennessy, Tanya<br />Year: 2021<br /> Alice-Miranda in Egypt / by Jacqueline Harvey, . Shelf: JF/HAR<br />Author: Harvey, Jacqueline<br />Year: 2021<br /> The lightning catcher / by Clare Weze. Shelf: JF/WEZ<br />Author: Weze, Clare<br />Year: 2021<br /> The edge of the ocean / by L. D. Lapinski. Shelf: JF/LAP<br />Author: Lapinski, L. D.<br />Year: 2021<br /> The boy who sang with dragons / by Andy Shepherd Shelf: JF/SHE<br />Author: Shepherd, Andy<br />Year: 2021<br /> Proud of me / by Sarah Hagger-Holt. Shelf: JF/HAG<br />Author: Hagger-Holt, Sarah<br />Year: 2021<br /> Kaffe Fassett in the studio : behind the scenes with a master colorist / by Kaffe Fassett. Shelf: 746/FAS<br />Author: Fassett, Kaffe<br />Year: 2021<br /> Operation Pedestal : the fleet that battled to Malta 1942 / by Max Hastings. Shelf: 940.545/HAS<br />Author: Hastings, Max<br />Year: 2021<br /> Time : June 21tst / June 28th, 2021 Shelf: P/TIM<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Good reading : July, 2021: the magazine for book lovers. Shelf: P/GOOD<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> National Geographic Kids Aussie: Issue 73 July, 2021 Shelf: JP/NAT<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Australian Country : June / July, 2021 Shelf: P/AUS<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Convicts in the colonies. Shelf: <br />Author: Williams, Lucy<br />Year: <br /> Discovery Box: Iss. 254 June, 2021 Shelf: JP/DIS<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Owl magazine: June, 2021 Shelf: JP/OWL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Graziher: Winter 2021 Shelf: P/GRA<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Secrets my father kept. Shelf: <br />Author: Givney, Rachel<br />Year: <br /> Inside out : June 2021 Shelf: P/INS<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Tremors : the complete collection. Shelf: DVD/TRE<br />Author: <br />Year: 2018<br /> Bull. Season one. Shelf: DVD/BUL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2017<br /> Bull. Season two. Shelf: DVD/BUL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2018<br /> In darkness visible / by Tony Jones. Shelf: F/JON<br />Author: Jones, Tony<br />Year: 2019<br /> Autumn skies / by Denise Hunter. Shelf: F/HUNT<br />Author: Hunter, Denise<br />Year: 2020<br /> Pulp / by Charles Bukowski ; introduction by Michael Connelly. Shelf: F/BUKO<br />Author: Bukowski, Charles<br />Year: 2009<br /> Legends of the lost Lilies / by Jackie French. Shelf: F/FREN<br />Author: French, Jackie<br />Year: 2021<br /> Still / by Matt Nable Shelf: F/NAB<br />Author: Nable, Matt<br />Year: 2021<br /> The other half of you / by Michael Mohammed Ahmad. Shelf: F/AHMA<br />Author: Ahmad, Michael Mohammed<br />Year: 2021<br /> Australian sky and telescope: July/Aug, 2021 Shelf: P/SKY<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> All about history: No.102 July, 2021 Shelf: P/ALL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Australian Traveller. :Parents Guide, June 2021 Shelf: P/TRA<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> BBC history magazine: April 2021 Shelf: P/HIS<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> The pact / by Sharon Bolton. Shelf: F/BOLT<br />Author: Bolton, S. J.<br />Year: 2021<br /> Secrets of space clearing : achieve inner and outer harmony through energy work, decluttering, and feng shui / by Denise Linn. Shelf: 615.8528/LIN<br />Author: Linn, Denise<br />Year: 2021<br /> The boy who stepped through time / by Anna Ciddor. Shelf: JF/CID<br />Author: Ciddor, Anna<br />Year: 2021<br /> Prince of spies / by Alex Gerlis. Shelf: F/GERL<br />Author: Gerlis, Alex<br />Year: 2021<br /> Vienna spies / by Alex Gerlis. Shelf: F/GERL<br />Author: Gerlis, Alex<br />Year: 2020<br /> The Swiss spy / by Alex Gerlis. Shelf: F/GERL<br />Author: Gerlis, Alex<br />Year: 282015<br /> Fully human : a new way of using your mind / by Steve Biddulph. Shelf: 155.2/BID<br />Author: Biddulph, Steve<br />Year: 2021<br /> The end of men / by Christina Sweeney-Baird. Shelf: F/SWEE<br />Author: Sweeney-Baird, Christina<br />Year: 2021<br /> Ballistic kiss / by Richard Kadrey. Shelf: F/KADR<br />Author: Kadrey, Richard<br />Year: 2020<br /> Too sharp / by Marianne Delacourt. Shelf: F/DELA<br />Author: De Pierres, Marianne<br />Year: 2017<br /> A stitch in time / by Kelley Armstrong. Shelf: F/ARM<br />Author: Armstrong, Kelley<br />Year: 2020<br /> Survivor : life in the SAS / by Mark Wales. Shelf: B/WAL<br />Author: Wales, Mark<br />Year: 2021<br /> The abominable snow golem / by Zack Zombie. Shelf: JF/MIN<br />Author: Zombie, Zack<br />Year: 2021<br /> Pirates of the lost ocean temple / by Zack Zombie. Shelf: JF/MIN<br />Author: Zombie, Zack<br />Year: 2020<br /> Journey to the moon / by Cathy Hapka and Ellen Vandenberg Shelf: JF/HAP<br />Author: Hapka, Cathy<br />Year: 2021<br /> Star power / by Cathy Hapka and Ellen Vandenberg Shelf: JF/HAP<br />Author: Hapka, Cathy<br />Year: 2021<br /> Teen Titans go! : Roll with it! / [Graphic novel] by Heather Nuhfer and P.C. 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