Libero Search New Items List of search items. en-us LIBERO, Pty Ltd. Sat, 16 Nov 2019 05:41:13 GMT 5 Breakers / by Doug Johnstone. Shelf: F/JOH<br />Author: Johnstone, Douglas<br />Year: 2019<br /> Turbulent wake / by Paul E. Hardisty. Shelf: F/HAR<br />Author: Hardisty, Paul E.<br />Year: 2019<br /> Wolves at the door / by Gunnar Staalesen. Translated by Don Bartlett. Shelf: F/STA<br />Author: Staalesen, Gunnar<br />Year: 2019<br /> Hitlerand#39;s last plot : the 139 VIP hostages selected for death in the final days of World War II / Ian Sayer, Jeremy Dronfield. Shelf: 940.5343/SAY<br />Author: Sayer, Ian<br />Year: 2019<br /> Camino de Santiago : sacred sites, historic villages, local food andamp; wine / Beebe Bahrami. Shelf: 914.611/BAH<br />Author: Bahrami, Beebe<br />Year: 2019<br /> Out of time / by Steve Hawke. Shelf: F/HAWK<br />Author: Hawke, Stephen<br />Year: 2019<br /> The cheffe : a cookand#39;s novel / by Marie NDiaye ; translated from the French by Jordan Stump. Shelf: F/NDI<br />Author: NDiaye, Marie<br />Year: 2019<br /> Walking in this world : practical strategies for creativity / by Julia Cameron. Shelf: 153.35/CAM<br />Author: Cameron, Julia<br />Year: 2003<br /> If you were here / by Alice Peterson. Shelf: F/PET<br />Author: Peterson, Alice<br />Year: 2019<br /> Fly already : stories / by Etgar Keret ; translated by Sondra Silverston, Nathan Englander, Jessica Cohen, Miriam Shlesinger, Yardenne Greenspan. Shelf: F/KER<br />Author: Keret, Etgar<br />Year: 2019<br /> Sisters / by Gabrielle Lord. Shelf: F/LOR<br />Author: Lord, Gabrielle<br />Year: 2019<br /> My so-called Bollywood life / by Nisha Sharma. Shelf: T/SHA<br />Author: Sharma, Nisha<br />Year: 2019<br /> The cantankerous Molly Darling / by Alvy Carragher. Shelf: T/CAR<br />Author: Carragher, Alvy<br />Year: 2019<br /> I never / by Laura Hopper. Shelf: T/HOP<br />Author: Hopper, Laura<br />Year: 2017<br /> To be honest / by Maggie Ann Martin. Shelf: T/MAR<br />Author: Martin, Maggie Ann<br />Year: 2019<br /> Mascot / by Antony John. Shelf: JF/JOH<br />Author: John, Antony<br />Year: 2019<br /> The boyfriend bracket / by Kate Evangelista. Shelf: T/EVA<br />Author: Evangelista, Kate<br />Year: 2019<br /> Boy of fire and earth / by Sami Shah. Shelf: T/SHA<br />Author: Shah, Sami<br />Year: 2019<br /> A short history of falling : everything I observed about love whilst dying / Joe Hammond. Shelf: B/HAMM<br />Author: Hammond, Joe<br />Year: 2019<br /> Wild blues / by Beth Kephart. Shelf: T/KEP<br />Author: Kephart, Beth<br />Year: 2019<br /> Where the heart is / Jo Knowles. Shelf: T/KNO<br />Author: Knowles, Johanna<br />Year: 2019<br /> Three little truths / by Eithne Shortall. Shelf: F/SHO<br />Author: Shortall, Eithne<br />Year: 2019<br /> Year of the monkey / by Patti Smith. Shelf: B/SMIT<br />Author: Smith, Patti<br />Year: 2019<br /> The innocent reader : reflections on reading and writing / Debra Adelaide. Shelf: 808.3/ADE<br />Author: Adelaide, Debra<br />Year: 2019<br /> The little library year : recipes and reading to suit each season / by Kate Young. Shelf: 641.564/YOU<br />Author: Young, Kate<br />Year: 2019<br /> Metahuman : unleashing your infinite potential / Deepak Chopra. Shelf: 204.4/CHO<br />Author: Chopra, Deepak<br />Year: 2019<br /> The secrets of great botanists : and what they teach us about gardening / by Matthew Biggs. Shelf: 635/BIG<br />Author: Biggs, Matthew<br />Year: 2019<br /> Where soldiers lie : the quest to find Australiaand#39;s missing war dead / by Ian McPhedran. Shelf: 355.699/MCP<br />Author: McPhedran, Ian<br />Year: 2019<br /> Maddie in the middle / by Julia Lawrinson. Shelf: JF/LAW<br />Author: Lawrinson, Julia<br />Year: 2019<br /> Yesterday / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Spider-Man: Far from home / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Poldark: The complete season 5 / Shelf: DVD/SERIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> The public / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> London calling / James Craig ; read by Joe Jameson. Shelf: HCD/CRAI<br />Author: Craig, James<br />Year: 2019<br /> The last house guest / Megan Miranda ; read by Rebekkah Ross. Shelf: HCD/MIRA<br />Author: Miranda, Megan<br />Year: 2019<br /> The House of Cain / Arthur Upfield ; read by John Derum. Shelf: HCD/UPFI<br />Author: Upfield, Arthur W.<br />Year: 2019<br /> The girl in Kellers Way / Megan Goldin ; read by Anthea Greco and Susan Godfrey. Shelf: HCD/GOLD<br />Author: Goldin, Megan<br />Year: 2019<br /> Love and other battles / Tess Woods ; read by Wendy Bos. Shelf: HCD/WOOD<br />Author: Woods, Tess<br />Year: 2019<br /> No friend but the mountains : writing from Manus Prison / Behrouz Boochani ; read by a full cast ; translated by Omid Tofighian. Shelf: HCD325.21/BOO<br />Author: Boochani, Behrouz<br />Year: 2019<br /> The Graces / Laure Eve ; read by Claire Calverley. Shelf: THCD/EVE<br />Author: Eve, Laure<br />Year: 2018<br /> The Curses / Laure Eve ; read by Claire Calverley. Shelf: THCD/EVE<br />Author: Eve, Laure<br />Year: 2019<br /> The Rosie result / Graeme Simsion ; read by Dan Oand#39;Grady. Shelf: HCD/SIMS<br />Author: Simsion, Graeme<br />Year: 2019<br /> The dark dream / Kaye Dobbie ; read by Casey Withoos. Shelf: HCD/DOBB<br />Author: Dobbie, Kaye<br />Year: 2019<br /> The yield / Tara June Winch ; read by Tony Briggs. Shelf: HCD/WINC<br />Author: Winch, Tara June<br />Year: 2019<br /> The carer / Deborah Moggach ; read by Patience Tomlinson. Shelf: HCD/MOGG<br />Author: Moggach, Deborah<br />Year: 2019<br /> Come rain or shine / Pam Weaver ; read by Julie Maisey. Shelf: HCD/WEAV<br />Author: Weaver, Pam<br />Year: 2019<br /> Undercover / [written and read by] Jacqueline Harvey. Shelf: JHCD/HAR<br />Author: Harvey, Jacqueline<br />Year: 2019<br /> Diary of an awesome friendly kid : Rowley Jeffersonand#39;s journal / Jeff Kinney ; read by Christopher Gebauer. Shelf: JHCD/KIN<br />Author: Kinney, Jeff<br />Year: 2019<br /> The girl from the tea garden / Janet MacLeod Trotter ; read by Sarah Coomes. Shelf: MP3/TROT<br />Author: Trotter, Janet Macleod<br />Year: 2019<br /> The gap : an Australian paramedics summer on the edge / Benjamin Gilmour ; read by Matty Morris. Shelf: HCDB/GILM<br />Author: Gilmour, Benjamin<br />Year: 2019<br /> Over your shoulder / C.J. Carver ; read by Daniel Weyman and Bea Holland. Shelf: HCD/CARV<br />Author: Carver, Caroline<br />Year: 2019<br /> The naughtiest unicorn at sports day / Pip Bird ; read by Carlyss Peer. Shelf: JHCD/BIR<br />Author: Bird, Pip<br />Year: 2019<br /> Create calm / [written and read by] Kate James. Shelf: HCD158.1/JAM<br />Author: James, Kate<br />Year: 2019<br /> A daughterand#39;s journey / by Anna Jacobs. Shelf: L/JACO<br />Author: Jacobs, Anna<br />Year: 2019<br /> You will be safe here / Damian Barr. Shelf: L/BARR<br />Author: Barr, Damian<br />Year: 2019<br /> The wire: The complete season 5 / Shelf: DVD/SERIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2008<br /> Tales from a parallel universe / by Jane McIntyre. Shelf: B/MCIN<br />Author: McIntyre, Jane<br />Year: 2016<br /> Picket fences. Season one. Shelf: DVD/PIC<br />Author: <br />Year: 2014<br /> Heaven sent / by Alan Carter. Shelf: F/CART<br />Author: Carter, Alan<br />Year: 2018<br /> Big Nate : Back to back hits / Lincoln Peirce. Shelf: JF/PEI<br />Author: Peirce, Lincoln<br />Year: 2019<br /> Ghosts of the past / Tony Park ; read by Simone Gescheit. Shelf: HCD/PARK<br />Author: Park, Tony<br />Year: 2019<br /> Stealth / by Stuart Woods. Shelf: F/WOO<br />Author: Woods, Stuart<br />Year: 2019<br /> Too easy / by J.M. Green. Shelf: F/GRE<br />Author: Green, J. M.<br />Year: 2017<br /> The blasphemy laws / by John Dale. Shelf: F/DAL<br />Author: Dale, John<br />Year: 2019<br /> New class at Malory Towers / by Patrice Lawrence Shelf: JF/BLY<br />Author: Blyton, Enid<br />Year: 2019<br /> A different land / by Paul Jennings Shelf: JF/JEN<br />Author: Jennings, Paul<br />Year: 2019<br /> Definitely Daphne / by Tami Charles. Shelf: JF/CHA<br />Author: Charles, Tami<br />Year: 2019<br /> Parker Bell and the science of friendship / by Cynthia Platt Shelf: JF/PLA<br />Author: Platt, Cynthia<br />Year: 2019<br /> Tales of tricks and treats / by Enid Blyton. Shelf: JF/BLY<br />Author: Blyton, Enid<br />Year: 2019<br /> Ivy the worry fairy / by Daisy Meadows. Shelf: JF/MEA<br />Author: Meadows, Daisy<br />Year: 2019<br /> A girl, a raccoon, and the midnight moon / by Karen Romano Young Shelf: JF/YOU<br />Author: Young, Karen Romano<br />Year: 2019<br /> I go quiet / [Graphic novel] by David Ouimet. Shelf: JGRA/OUI<br />Author: Ouimet, David<br />Year: 2019<br /> And then I turned into a mermaid / by Laura Kirkpatrick. Shelf: JF/KIR<br />Author: Kirkpatrick, Laura<br />Year: 2019<br /> Cardslinger / by M.G. Velasco. Shelf: JF/VEL<br />Author: Velasco, M. G.<br />Year: 2019<br /> Fire girl, forest boy / by Chloe Daykin. Shelf: JF/DAY<br />Author: Daykin, Chloe<br />Year: 2019<br /> Forest of the ancients / by Tom Huddleston. Shelf: JF/WAR<br />Author: Huddleston, Tom<br />Year: 2019<br /> Lost / by Eve Ainsworth. Shelf: T/AIN<br />Author: Ainsworth, Eve<br />Year: 2019<br /> The star shepherd / Dan Haring and MarcyKate Connolly Shelf: JF/HAR<br />Author: Haring, Dan<br />Year: 2019<br /> Secrets of the Tau / by Cavan Scott Shelf: JF/WAR<br />Author: Scott, Cavan<br />Year: 2019<br /> The thunder girls / Melanie Blake ; read by Imogen Church. Shelf: HCD/BLAK<br />Author: Blake, Melanie<br />Year: 2019<br /> When it all went to custard / Danielle Hawkins ; read by Jessica Grace Smith. Shelf: HCD/HAWK<br />Author: Hawkins, Danielle<br />Year: 2019<br /> The Peter Norman story / Andrew Webster and Matt Norman ; read by Matt Norman. Shelf: HCDB/NORM<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Ghosts of the past / Tony Park ; read by Simone Gescheit Shelf: MP3/PARK<br />Author: Park, Tony<br />Year: 2019<br /> The juniper gin joint / Lizzie Lovell ; read by Sophie Aldred. Shelf: HCD/LOVE<br />Author: Lovell, Lizzie<br />Year: 2019<br /> The true story of Maddie Bright / Mary-Rose MacColl ; read by Eloise Oxer. Shelf: HCD/MCCO<br />Author: MacColl, Mary-Rose<br />Year: 2019<br /> The fire blossom / Sarah Lark ; read by Katherine Littrell. Shelf: HCD/LARK<br />Author: Lark, Sarah<br />Year: 2019<br /> The burnt country / Joy Rhoades ; read by Edwina Wren. Shelf: HCD/RHOA<br />Author: Rhoades, Joy<br />Year: 2019<br /> A ladyand#39;s honor / Laurie Alice Eakes ; read by Laura Kirman. Shelf: HCD/EAKE<br />Author: Eakes, Laurie Alice<br />Year: 2019<br /> A motherand#39;s dilemma / by Emma Hornby. Shelf: L/HORN<br />Author: Hornby, Emma<br />Year: 2019<br /> Wrecking ball / by Jeff Kinney Shelf: JF/KIN<br />Author: Kinney, Jeff<br />Year: 2019<br /> His convenient royal bride / by Cara Colter. Shelf: L/COL<br />Author: Colter, Cara<br />Year: 2019<br /> Friend, fling, forever? / by Janice Lynn. Shelf: L/LYN<br />Author: Lynn, Janice<br />Year: 2019<br /> Unlaced by the Highland duke / by Lara Temple. Shelf: L/TEM<br />Author: Temple, Lara<br />Year: 2019<br /> Revenge burns deep / by Ethan Flagg. Shelf: L/FLA<br />Author: Flagg, Ethan<br />Year: 2019<br /> Incident at Elk Horn / by Steven Gray. Shelf: L/GRA<br />Author: Gray, Steven<br />Year: 2019<br /> The Embankment murder / by Gerald Verner. Shelf: L/VER<br />Author: Verner, Gerald<br />Year: 2019<br /> Better Homes and gardens: Christmas, 2019 Shelf: PER/BET<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Way of the lawless / by P. McCormac. Shelf: L/MCC<br />Author: McCormac, P.<br />Year: 2019<br /> Delicious. : December, 2019 / January, 2020 Shelf: PER/DEL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Australian Home Beautiful : December, 2019 Shelf: PER/AUS<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> From the vineyards of hell / by Harry Jay Thorn. Shelf: L/THO<br />Author: Thorn, Harry Jay<br />Year: 2019<br /> Good Health: December, 2019 Shelf: P/GOO<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> New scientist. : November 9th, 2019 Shelf: P/NEW<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Freshwater fishing Australia : Nov./Dec., 2019 Shelf: P/FRE<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> The Shamerand#39;s daughter / by Lene Kaaberbol Shelf: T/KAA<br />Author: Kaaberbol, Lene<br />Year: 2019<br /> Inside sport : December, 2019 Shelf: P/INS<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Ships monthly : September, 2019 Shelf: P/SHI<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Street machine : December, 2019 Shelf: P/STR<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> 4x4 Australia :December, 2019 Shelf: P/FOU<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> The Australian woodworker.: December, 2019 Shelf: P/WOO<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> The Shamerand#39;s signet / by Lene Kaaberbol. Shelf: T/KAA<br />Author: Kaaberbol, Lene<br />Year: 2019<br /> Never let you go / by Sarah Purdue. Shelf: L/PUR<br />Author: Purdue, Sarah<br />Year: 2019<br /> The serpent gift / by Lene Kaaberbol. Shelf: T/KAA<br />Author: Kaaberbol, Lene<br />Year: 2019<br /> A brighter day tomorrow / by Pam Evans. Shelf: L/EVAN<br />Author: Evans, Pamela<br />Year: 2019<br /> The lost tide warriors / by Catherine Doyle. Shelf: JF/DOY<br />Author: Doyle, Catherine<br />Year: 2019<br /> A maidenand#39;s voyage / by Rosie Goodwin. Shelf: L/GOOD<br />Author: Goodwin, Rosie<br />Year: 2019<br /> Revenge of the living Ted / by Barry Hutchison Shelf: JF/HUT<br />Author: Hutchison, Barry<br />Year: 2019<br /> Mental Shelf: DVD/MEN<br />Author: <br />Year: 2013<br /> White horses / by Rachael Treasure. Shelf: F/TREA<br />Author: Treasure, Rachael<br />Year: 2019<br /> The family gift / by Cathy Kelly. Shelf: F/KELL<br />Author: Kelly, Cathy<br />Year: 2019<br /> Be a maker / by Katey Howes Shelf: E/HOW<br />Author: Howes, Katey<br />Year: 2019<br /> I saw a bee / by Rob Ramsden. Shelf: E/RAM<br />Author: Ramsden, Rob<br />Year: 2019<br /> The diamond hunter / by Fiona McIntosh. Shelf: F/MCIN<br />Author: McIntosh, Fiona<br />Year: 2019<br /> The model wife / by Tricia Stringer. Shelf: F/STRI<br />Author: Stringer, Tricia<br />Year: 2019<br /> The Mountbattens / Andrew Lownie. Shelf: B/MOUN<br />Author: Lownie, Andrew<br />Year: 2019<br /> For small creatures such as we : rituals for finding meaning in our unlikely world / Sasha Sagan. Shelf: 390.0973/SAG<br />Author: Sagan, Sasha<br />Year: 2019<br /> Funny kid kicks butt / by Matt Stanton. Shelf: JF/STA<br />Author: Stanton, Matt<br />Year: 2019<br /> I saw, we saw / by Yolnu students of Nhulunbuy Primary School Shelf: E/YOL<br />Author: Nhulunbuy Primary School<br />Year: 2019<br /> Superworm / by Julia Donaldson Shelf: E/DON<br />Author: Donaldson, Julia<br />Year: 2016<br /> Can you find 12 busy bees? / by Gordon Winch Shelf: E/WIN<br />Author: Winch, Gordon<br />Year: 2019<br /> Mustache baby / by Bridget Heos Shelf: E/HEO<br />Author: Heos, Bridget<br />Year: 2013<br /> Andy Roid and the avalanche of evil / by Felice Arena. Shelf: JF/ARE<br />Author: Arena, Felice<br />Year: 2013<br /> Murder in the bookshop / by Carolyn Wells. Shelf: F/WELL<br />Author: Wells, Carolyn<br />Year: 2018<br /> The importance of being little : what young children really need from grownups / Erika Christakis. Shelf: 372.21/CHR<br />Author: Christakis, Erika<br />Year: 2017<br /> The everyday supermodel : my beauty, fashion, and wellness secrets made simple / Molly Sims with Tracy Oand#39;Connor. Shelf: 646.72/SIM<br />Author: Sims, Molly<br />Year: 2015<br /> The bee and the orange tree / by Melissa Ashley. Shelf: F/ASHL<br />Author: Ashley, Melissa<br />Year: 2019<br /> Shatter city / by Scott Westerfeld. Shelf: T/WES<br />Author: Westerfeld, Scott<br />Year: 2019<br /> The Giggle Pigs / by Leonie Lord. Shelf: E/LOR<br />Author: Lord, Leonie<br />Year: 2019<br /> Iand#39;m ready for Christmas / illustrated by Jedda Robaard. Shelf: E/ROB<br />Author: Robaard, Jedda<br />Year: 2019<br /> Olive, again / by Elizabeth Strout. Shelf: F/STRO<br />Author: Strout, Elizabeth<br />Year: 2019<br /> Smashed avocado : how I cracked the property market and you can too / Nicole Haddow. Shelf: 363.55/HAD<br />Author: Haddow, Nicole<br />Year: 2019<br /> Burnout : the secret to unlocking the stress cycle / Emily Nagoski, Ph.D, and Amelia Nagoski, DMA. Shelf: 155.9/NAG<br />Author: Nagoski, Emily<br />Year: 2019<br /> The red hand : stories, reflections and the last appearance of Jack Irish / Peter Temple. Shelf: 828.914/TEM<br />Author: Temple, Peter<br />Year: 2019<br /> On fire : the burning case for a green new deal / Naomi Klein. Shelf: 363.7/KLE<br />Author: Klein, Naomi<br />Year: 2019<br /> 18 miles : the epic drama of the atmosphere and its weather / Christopher Dewdney. Shelf: 551.5/DEW<br />Author: Dewdney, Christopher<br />Year: 2019<br /> The looming tower : Al-Qaedaand#39;s road to 9/11 / Lawrence Wright. Shelf: 973.931/WRI<br />Author: Wright, Lawrence<br />Year: 2011<br /> Girl, woman, other / by Bernardine Evaristo. Shelf: F/EVAR<br />Author: Evaristo, Bernardine<br />Year: 2019<br /> Wacky- but true!: No. 76 November, 2019 Shelf: JP/WAC<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Magpies : November, 2019 Shelf: P/MAG<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Owl magazine: November, 2019 Shelf: JP/OWL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Discovery Box: Iss.238 November, 2019 Shelf: JP/DIS<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Beyond hard knocks / Shelf: DVD/GENERAL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2014<br /> Let the sunshine in / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Pretty in pink Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2002<br /> Friends with kids / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2012<br /> Wentworth: The complete season 7 / Shelf: DVD/SERIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Indian summer / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 1993<br /> Bend it like Beckham / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2002<br /> Staying alive / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Baptiste: The complete season 1 Shelf: DVD/SERIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Good oland#39; Freda / Shelf: DVD/GENERAL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2013<br /> Ant-Man / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2015<br /> The Blacklist: The complete season 6 / Shelf: DVD/SERIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> On a turning tide / by Ellie Dean. Shelf: L/DEAN<br />Author: Dean, Ellie<br />Year: 2019<br /> Llama Llama red pajama / by Anna Dewdney. Shelf: E/DEW<br />Author: Dewdney, Anna<br />Year: 2005<br /> Construction cat / by Barbara Odanaka Shelf: E/ODA<br />Author: Odanaka, Barbara<br />Year: 2018<br /> The lingering / by S.J.I. Holliday. Shelf: F/HOLL<br />Author: Holliday, S. J. I.<br />Year: 2018<br /> Madeleine / by Euan Cameron. Shelf: F/CAME<br />Author: Cameron, Euan<br />Year: 2019<br /> Cloud boy / by Marcia Williams. Shelf: JF/WIL<br />Author: Williams, Marcia<br />Year: 2019<br /> Mika andamp; Max / by Laura Bloom. Shelf: JF/BLO<br />Author: Bloom, Laura<br />Year: 2019<br /> Just because / by Mac Barnett Shelf: E/BAR<br />Author: Barnett, Mac<br />Year: 2019<br /> Starting from now / by Fleur McDonald. Shelf: F/MCDO<br />Author: McDonald, Fleur<br />Year: 2019<br /> The benefit of hindsight / by Susan Hill. Shelf: F/HIL<br />Author: Hill, Susan<br />Year: 2019<br /> The turnkey / by Allison Rushby. Shelf: JF/RUS<br />Author: Rushby, Allison<br />Year: 2017<br /> The butterfly circus / by Francesca Armour-Chelu. Shelf: JF/ARM<br />Author: Armour-Chelu, Francesca<br />Year: 2019<br /> How to make a movie in 12 days / by Fiona Hardy. Shelf: JF/HAR<br />Author: Hardy, Fiona<br />Year: 2019<br /> The Warehouse / by Rob Hart. Shelf: F/HART<br />Author: Hart, Rob<br />Year: 2019<br /> Moanaand#39;s big leap / by Suzanne Francis Shelf: JF/DIS<br />Author: Francis, Suzanne<br />Year: 2019<br /> Llama Llama mess, mess, mess / by Anna Dewdney and Reed Duncan Shelf: E/DEW<br />Author: Dewdney, Anna<br />Year: 2019<br /> Lights on Cotton Rock / by David Litchfield. Shelf: E/LIT<br />Author: Litchfield, David<br />Year: 2019<br /> Douglas / by Randy Cecil. Shelf: JF/CEC<br />Author: Cecil, Randy<br />Year: 2019<br /> The band / by Carles Porta Shelf: E/POR<br />Author: Porta, Carles<br />Year: 2019<br /> We are the dead / by Mike Shackle. Shelf: F/SHAC<br />Author: Shackle, Mike<br />Year: 2019<br /> The memory police / by Yoko Ogawa ; translated from the Japanese by Stephen Snyder. Shelf: F/OGAW<br />Author: Ogawa, Yoko<br />Year: 2019<br /> Sapphire flames : a hidden legacy novel / by Ilona Andrews. Shelf: F/ANDR<br />Author: Andrews, Ilona<br />Year: 2019<br /> Catacombs / by Mary Anna Evans. Shelf: F/EVAN<br />Author: Evans, Mary Anna<br />Year: 2019<br /> The doctor / by Lisa Stone. Shelf: F/STON<br />Author: Stone, Lisa<br />Year: 2019<br /> Bad day at the vulture club / by Vaseem Khan. Shelf: F/KHAN<br />Author: Khan, Vaseem<br />Year: 2019<br /> Mine / by Clare Empson. Shelf: F/EMPS<br />Author: Empson, Clare<br />Year: 2019<br /> One year later / by Sanjida Kay. Shelf: F/KAY<br />Author: Kay, Sanjida<br />Year: 2019<br /> Mosaic / by Caro Ramsay. Shelf: F/RAMS<br />Author: Ramsay, Caro<br />Year: 2019<br /> Rebel ideas : the power of diverse thinking / Matthew Syed. Shelf: 153.42/SYE<br />Author: Syed, Matthew<br />Year: 2019<br /> That will never work : the birth of Netflix and the amazing life of an idea / Marc Randolph. Shelf: 384.55/RAN<br />Author: Randolph, Marc<br />Year: 2019<br /> Cosmic chronicles : a userand#39;s guide to the universe / Fred Watson. Shelf: 520/WAT<br />Author: Watson, Fred<br />Year: 2019<br /> Street art / Simon Armstrong. Shelf: 751.73/ARM<br />Author: Armstrong, Simon<br />Year: 2019<br /> The maths of life and death : why maths is (almost) everything / Kit Yates. Shelf: 510/YAT<br />Author: Yates, Kit<br />Year: 2019<br /> Eat more plants : over 100 anti-inflammatory, plant-based recipes for vibrant living / Desiree Nielsen, RD. Shelf: 641.5636/NIE<br />Author: Nielsen, Desiree<br />Year: 2019<br /> The drawings of Rembrandt / Seymour Slive. Shelf: 741.9492/SLI<br />Author: Slive, Seymour<br />Year: 2019<br /> Lucy / by Randy Cecil. Shelf: JF/CEC<br />Author: Cecil, Randy<br />Year: 2016<br /> George and the great bum stampede / by Cal Wilson Shelf: JF/WIL<br />Author: Wilson, Cal<br />Year: 2019<br /> Dark money / Shelf: DVD/MOVIES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> The child of dreams / by Irena Brignull Shelf: JF/BRI<br />Author: Brignull, Irena<br />Year: 2019<br /> Journey to the Centre of the Earth / by Jules Verne Shelf: JF/VER<br />Author: Verne, Jules<br />Year: 2019<br /> Carnival chaos / by Zack Zombie. Shelf: JF/MIN<br />Author: Zombie, Zack<br />Year: 2019<br /> X-Men : days of future past./ Shelf: DVD/BLU<br />Author: <br />Year: 2015<br /> Welcome to country : an introduction to our first people for young Australians / Marcia Langton. Shelf: 919.4/LAN<br />Author: Langton, Marcia<br />Year: 2019<br /> Flexible plant-based / editorial and food director, Sophia Young. 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